How do Mihinare Vote?

vote14Yes Mihinare have always been involved in politics in Aotearoa – even if not always on the same side! The question is how do we get involved in politics in a way that carries out our mission to give sight to the blind, food to the hungry and lets the imprisoned go free without necessarily buying into the adversarial nature of the NZ political system?

Below are some links to various resources that might help us in our decision making this election, mostly from the Presbyterian Church. Have a read and a think, kōrero with your whānau, and then vote!

Te Kāhui Mana Ririki, the tamariki advocacy organisation

NZ as a Better World Neighbour by Pauline McKay, Director of CWS

Every Child Counts by Mike O’Brien, Associate Professor at Auckland University

Every Child Counts by Susan St John, Associate Professor at Auckland University

Healthy Homes Lead to Healthy Lives by the Rev Sheena Dickson, Convenor of the Christchurch Presbytery’s Church & Society Group

Gross Inequality Costs Everyone by the Rev Rodney Routledge, Community Development Worker and minister at St Andrews, Rangi Ruru, Christchurch.

Are we a punitive society? by Kim Workman

Overcoming the politics of fear: living adventurously in Aotearoa New Zealand by Kevin Clements


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