Hikoi of Hope – Nga Ika o Piripane

ikasmLouise Tarei is part of a Mihinare ministry to Tamariki and Rangatahi in Brisbane, and they recently held a hikoi to celebrate their faith. Lousie shares her hopes for their future.

The first Sunday of December saw Anglicans everywhere celebrate the beginning of Advent. It was also the Sunday that the Brisbane Kura Ratapu took charge of the Sunday service, and where we lit the first candle of “Hope”. The service was based on our hope for our Rangatahi within the church to be given a “voice”, and more importantly, be heard as valuable members of the church. As disciples of Christ it was our responsibility as a congregation to nurture and lead them.

The following Saturday, members of the Brisbane Maori Anglican mission and the Kura Ratapu, “Nga Ika o Piripane” , stepped out in “Faith” and “Hope”, side by side in support to raise funds to assist in the  spiritual education of our Tamariki and Rangatahi. This journey was aptly nick named the “Hikoi of Hope”.

The words of the sermon the week before had not fallen on deaf ears and a voice was given to our Tamariki and Rangatahi. That day was about so much more than just raising funds for our kids. It showed them that our Kaumatua were not only willing and motivated to support them but wanting to walk beside them as equals. Over the 6 hour nonstop walkathon our kids (and the kids at heart) were reminded of the difficulties one faces when they decide to walk with the Lord. The walk taught them patience, perseverance, commitment, faith and love. All the fundamentals when planting the seeds of faith in our youth of all ages. Most importantly they learnt that when they step first with the Lord all things are made possible. We ALL learnt so much from each other throughout the day. From prams to walking frames, they were in full force and nothing was going to stop them from reaching their goals.

Established in May of this year, we have received over-whelming support both from the local Maori church and the local community. Whilst we are still in our infancy our focus has been to lay a solid foundation to help our youth establish and keep a relationship with God whilst helping to guide them on their journey with Jesus Christ.

We need to recognize that our youth are no longer our future, but are fast becoming our present, and if we do not allow them a voice to be heard now, then when the time comes to call on them, our voices will be the ones that fall on deaf ears.

Ministry for our youth within our The Pihopatanga I find has been somewhat lacking. That is not to say that I have not seen good things within the Pihopatanga, because I have seen some “Great” things for our Rangatahi. But believers come in all shapes, all sizes, all colours and All Ages. The first step is to recognise that we have a need for all age groups and then work to fill it. God said “The path he has chosen for us will not be easy, he just promises that it will be worth it”. As I look around me at the faces in our Church which range from 1 year to 75 years I can’t help but feel our small congregation here in Brisbane has stepped out (in Faith) into an exciting new journey and I for one can’t wait to see where this ride takes us…..1Tim 4:12 “Let no one despise your youth but be an example in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

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