The Future of Karakia?

Above is a Youtube video of the Reverend Spanky Moore from the Diocese of Christchurch presiding over a eucharist at The Abbey, the national gathering of Tikanga Pakeha rangatahi. It sounds different from what we normally hear. Spanky uses the Prayer Book and everything is well-ordered. And most of all, it is innovative, even if it may not be to all of our tastes

Sung eucharists are nothing new – Te Manawa o Te Wheke have been using a version set to guitars for over  decade. Pihopa Frederick Bennett on becoming the first Pihopa o Aotearoa in 1928 challenged the haahi to innovate, and we have a long history of experimenting, but always based on good grounding of who we are as Mihinare.

Here’s the question: where is our Mihinare innovation in karakia coming from? Are we encouraging innovation that is based on our tikanga and matauranga and yet reaches out to a new generation? Do we even need to, or is the New Zealand Prayer Book and Rawiri all we will ever need? Kapa Haka strives endlessly to innovate – do we need to do the same?

Na Hirini.


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